Casino, Central Park

 4-5 June





  • Makers of cluster policies
  • Public authorities
  • Financial institutions
  • Support associations and European cluster management organizations
  • Universities
  • Research institutes
  • Companies
  • NGOs and professional associations

General interest subjects

  • Financing the business environment. Financing products dedicated to clusters
  • Financial transfer – business development opportunity
  • How can the clusters excel?
  • The role of clusters in implementing European, national and regional policies

Sections devoted to agribusiness, furniture, IT and lifestyle

Brokerage sessions that will encourage the development of sectoral collaboration and / or cross-sectoral



  • The topics of discussion will be connected to the current state of cluster policy, with a focused approach on members’ interests, all for a higher degree of relevance and pragmatism;
  • Internationally known speakers will be present to present a vision of the future of clusters, at a European level;
  • Brokerage sessions (C2C, C2B and/or B2B) will facilitate individual business meetings among the participants;
  • You will have the opportunity to participate in networking sessions, as well as business opportunities within a well organized environment;
  • You will exchange impressions/ideas/experiences with other participants or speakers who are interested in the same field;
  • It is a good opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful cities of Romania, Cluj-Napoca;




The University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca (USAMV), includes in its structure faculties, departments, library, labs, research units, museums, administrative and technical services, social services, practical training, recreational areas, etc.

The relationship between USAMV and the business community is well-known in Cluj and not only, because the advisory economic environment relations committee of USAMV develops USAMV`s participation in the community`s life, proposing partnerships with the economic, social and cultural environment. It also proposes marketing policies and regularly monitors their implementation.

The Department of Research, Innovation and Technology Transfer (DCITT) of USAMV, as a technical and administrative structure, facilitates the relationship management and the research projects undertaken by the staff of the institution. DCITT contributes to the proper participation of the USAMV staff in programs of scientific research and innovation funding or other national or international funding. It also helps to smooth the economic and financial management of research contracts and the continued growth of national and international visibility of research, innovation and technology transfer, as well as to promote and build upon the achievements of the institution and their results.


The conference will begin in Aula Magna „Mihai Serban” of USAMV. In Amfitreatrul Bleumarin and Amfiteatrul Verde will run parallel sections prepared by the organizers.

Address: 3-5, Calea Manastur St.

 Urban Culture Center Casino, Cluj

The old Casino in the Central Park "Simion Barnutiu" is an eclectic palace of viennese inspiration, a historical monument built at the end of the nineteenth century and the host of many cultural and artistic events in Cluj-Napoca. Urban Culture Center Casino "Simion Barnutiu" is a veritable palace in Cluj and over time, the monument served as Casino, Museum, School of Fine Arts and Restaurant.

Throughout the conference, the Casino will offer the perfect environment for the gala dinner, followed by a cocktail party. This will ensure the exchange of ideas, information, experiences, opinions and possible partnerships of participants.

Adress: Parcul Central

As organizers, we want to make sure you will receive the best accommodation at preferential prices. Below you can find our offer, with special prices at 3 partner hotels:

215 250
295 400
140 180
160 200
145 190
175 250






Doru Pamfil
Rector USAMV Gheorghe Vuscan
Cluj County Prefect
Vikar Istvan
Vice-President of Cluj County Council Emil Boc
Mayor of Cluj-Napoca Ioan Oleleu
AgroTransilvania Cluster
The cluster’s role in generating innovative business models
Daniel Cosnita
President of the Romanian Cluster Association Marek Przeor
Head of Sector Smart Growth, General Directorate for Regional Policy
Adrian Curaj
General Director
UEFISCDI John Murray
‎Director of GROWTHCLUSTERS LTD - Business Clusters Development & Knowledge Management Center
Financing the business environment. Financing products dedicated to clusters
Iulia Baz
AM POC General director, Ministry of European Funds
Sanda Catana
Director Directia POR,
ADR Nord-Vest
Ciprian Morcan
Competitive Pole Manager at
Transilvanian Furniture Cluster
Leonard Cornoiu
European Proramme Director, Banca Transilvania Cristina Savu
Senior Project Specialist
BERD Small Business Support Ioan Vlasa
Director FAER IFN SA
Technological transfer– business development opportunity
Simona Barsan Technology Transfer Center CENTI Director Michael Guth
International TTI expert,
INNO CONSULT Gabriel Vladut
Romanian Association for
Technoligy Transfer and Innovation, president
Cornelia Muraru-Ionel
Project Director CD Cluster IndAgro Vest Added Value in Agribusiness
Felix Arion
General Manager of
AgroTransilvania Cluster Carlos Lopes de Sousa
President of Agrocluster
Ribatejo, Portugal
Enric Pedros
Cluster Manager of FEMAC, Spain Cluster - gate for export
Dan Pitic
President of Transylvanian Furniture Cluster Valentin Cojanu
Head of Operations GEA Strategy & Consulting Christina Leucuta
Senior Advisor at Romanian Cluster Association “CLUSTERO”
Genoveva Christova
Chairman of the National
Furniture Cluster, Bulgaria Bagoly Miklos-Levente
Cluster PRO-WOOD
Bianca Muntean
Manager Cluster iTech-ARIES
Transilvania Monica Marchis
Managing Partner Change Box Monica Soare
Managing Partner Artwin
Monica Soare
HR Senior Sales Consultant
Conf. Dr. Paulina Mitrea
PR Manager POSCCE "Brained", ClujIT Cluster Andrei Kelemen
Executive Manager ClujIT Cluster Stelian Brad
UTCN, Innovation Manager
Daniel Homorodean
ARXIA, Responsible subproject SP1 Cristian Ureche
PITECH, Responsible subproject SP2 Ovidiu PINTEA
OPTIMA GROUP, Responsible subproject SP3
Vasile Teodor Dadarlat
UTCN, Responsible subproject SP4  How can clusters excel?
Ioana Dragos
Technical expert at ADR Nord-Vest - BISNet Transylvania Reza Zadeh
Executive Director, European Foundation for Clusters Excellence Gabriela Pirvu
Cluster Policy Official for the
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Business Enviorment, Industrial and
Competition Policy Office.
Oana Stanculescu
Benckmarking expert, ADR Nord-Vest Peter Keller
Deputy Head of Department MINISTRY OF NATIONAL ECONOMY Hungary - Hungarian Cluster Accreditation System
The role of clusters in the implementation of European, national and regional policies
Vajda Lajos
Vice-President of the
Romanian Cluster Association
CLUSTERO Mariana Voicu
Director, Department of Industrial Policy and Competitiveness, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Tourism Simone Hagenauer
Project Manager - Ecoplus, Regional Development Agency
of Lower Austria
Valentin Panait
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Advisor Marius Duca
Chief of Planning, Strategy Elaboration, ADR Center



We promote collaboration and cooperation between the business entities from the agro-industrial sector, the academic and research field and we encourage the process of competitively restructuring the sector, ensuring the participation in a multitude of national and international company projects.

We support the furniture industry in order to uphold the growth of cluster competitiveness, as well as the competitiveness of each individual member, on both the national and international market.

We intend to form the human resources from the advanced technology field in the North-West region of development, namely the metropolitan areas of Cluj and Oradea.

Our wish is to increase the competitiveness of the IT sector and to position the Cluj IT brand and, thus, to make Romania a provider of renowned software solutions within Eastern Europe.

We promote the revival and economic development of Romania by upholding the creation, development and cooperation between clusters at a regional, national and international level.



Official car: AUDI





Geta Ungurean

Project Manager

Agentia Geta Ungurean

Anda Pasca

Assistant Project Manager

Agentia Geta Ungurean


Ciprian Morcan

Host Representative

AgroTransilvania Cluster


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